Mine SHIBA INU with your smartphone (Mobile Phone)

Go to Play Store and download TERMUX

In some cases it will be necessary to install:

pkg upgrade
pkg install root-repo
pkg install unstable-repo
pkg install x11-repo

Update to the latest packages, for this we must execute these commands:

pkg upgrade
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt install wget
apt install proot
apt install cmake
pkg install git
git clone https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig
cd xmrig
mkdir build
cd build
xmrig/build/xmrig -o rx.unmineable.com:3333 --threads=5 -u SHIB:0x4425f84c184cA2A4BC21499f19eE089aa972e167.movil#pp1e-5634 -p x -k --coin monero -a rx/0

Explanatory video

Mining pool

Summing up the topic, a mining pool is the server to which we connect and the one that pays us for the cryptocurrencies.

Pool unMineable

In this case we are connecting to the unMineable mining pool but you should know that we can connect to any other that is capable of mining the RX / 0 (RandomX) algorithm in the final command that executes the mining we can see the url: rx.unmineable .com: 3333 indicating the server you are connecting to.

xmrig/build/xmrig -o rx.unmineable.com:3333 –threads=5 -u SHIB:0x4425f84c184cA2A4BC21499f19eE089aa972e167.movil#pp1e-5634 -p x -k –coin monero -a rx/0

If you look at the command (–threads = 5) you are specifying 5 threads or processor cores, you can extend it to the maximum to obtain the maximum performance considering that it can cause crashes and it will be difficult to use other applications while you are mining. You must know how many threads your processor has to specify this argument.

To avoid possible errors it is necessary to know how it works unMineable

  1. go to unMineable and select shiba inu or the coin you want to mine
  2. know with which network you are going to mine
    1. (Ethereum (ETH) ERC20
    2. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP20
    3. Kucoin Community Chain (KCC) KRC20)
  3. we select the network in SWITCH NETWORK
  4. paste your wallet in the search engine (enter your addres)
  5. look at the image with the highlights

We select the network in SWITCH NETWORK

Si está cambiando entre cadenas compatibles, asegúrese de que su billetera sea compatible con la cadena que está

If you are switching between compatible chains, make sure that your wallet has support for the chain you are selecting, and that it reuses the same address (if the address is different, you may loose your funds).

If you are mining to an exchange, double check that your exchange reuses the same address for the network that you are selecting.

In any case, please make sure that you can receive your coins to the same exact address on the new network (chain) you are switching to, otherwise you may loose your funds when processing a payout. Sadly we are unable to refund any coins that leave our platform.

Also note that your balance will remain unchanged (it will not reset to zero) whenever you switch your payout network.Kindly read carefully our support center article , to prevent losing any funds when processing your next payout.Switching networks is instant and your next payout will be sent through the new network.

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